Incident Response and Management
Security information and event management (SIEM) systems are designed to provide a holistic view of an organization’s security status by detecting and “alerting” an organization, in real-time, of suspicious activities, unauthorized access, abnormal behavior patterns, and potential attacks. Unfortunately, these systems and risk “alerts” are not always managed, reviewed, and acted upon timely or appropriately.
The Null Hat Incident Response and Management (IR&M) offering provides our clients with reliable monitoring and detection of security events, as well as speedy and accurate execution of responses to these events. We perform a thorough assessment of our client’s existing IR program, aligned with internal teams, processes, and strategy. This approach places our Incident Response Team in the strongest position to protect your brand and mission. We are experts in providing advisory, conversion, and tuning for this stage and beyond.

Threat Hunting Offering
Identifying and distinguishing malicious activity via Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) or
Security Information Event Management (SIEM) isn’t always a certainty. Attackers often
bypass IDS and SIEM controls, in which case, a threat hunt assessment is needed to discover attackers within an organization. Null Hat partners with its clients to understand organizational needs, giving Null Hat the ability to leverage custom and enterprise techniques to identify malicious behavior, while helping internal teams better detect attacker movements.

Security Operations Management and Analysis
Many organizations struggle to keep pace with the speed at which cyber-attacks and enterprise technologies continue to increase, producing gaps between risk and response. This leaves organizations open, not only to the risk of significant business disruption, loss of confidential data, reputational risk, and potential collapse, but also to market, regulatory and stakeholder pressure to improve security governance. Null Hat can aid with the creation and enhancement of an organizations security program with our “Security Operations Management” offering.