When our team isn’t working with clients or down in the lab analyzing the latest threats, we make an effort to share our knowledge with the public. We feel its important to give back to the community and what better way to do that than to share one’s experiences and passion. If you see us at a conference, come say hi.

Conference: IT Web Security Summit 2019

Conference: Texas Cyber Summit

Conference: Defcon 27: Blue Team Village Workshop

Election Security Discussion with PBN

Null Hat CEO, O’Shea Bowens was interviewed by Providence Business News to discuss electoral security. Due to his deep understanding of cyber security, Providence Business News sought out his opinion on maters of electoral security. The article features insight into the state of national electoral system and cyber security, how the state of Rhode Island is handling the security of its elections, and measures everyday citizens may take to ensure their vote is secure.

Day of Shecurity – “Blue Teaming For Fun and The Sake Of Your Organization- An Attack & Breach Scenario”

On February 22nd, Null Hat CEO, O’Shea Bowens, led a workshop “Blue Teaming For Fun and The Sake Of Your Organization- An Attack & Breach Scenario”.  This workshop combined aspects of web application security, incident response, and threat hunting to combat attackers. The workshop incorporated the incident response life cycle to effectively respond to attacks and provided tips and techniques that may be leveraged to aid in response efforts. See the Null Hat Blog for further details regarding this event (

“Building a Resilient Cyber Workforce” Workshop

On January 15th, Null Hat CEO, O’Shea Bowens, led a workshop at the Pell Center for International Relations and Public Policy titled “Building a Resilient Cyber Workforce”.  The primary objective of the workshop was to gain knowledge and insights to effectively build cyber security teams by identifying the right candidates, challenging staff, and ensuring knowledge transfer across the organization.

Nigerian National Conference on Electoral Integrity

At the National Conference on Electoral Integrity in Abuja, Nigeria, Null Hat CEO, O’Shea Bowens, led a presentation focused on “Electoral Systems & Cyber Integrity” for the “Independent National Electoral Commission”. The theme of the conference was “Sustaining the Integrity of 2019 General Election in Nigeria”. O’Shea discussed the cyber security risk of electronic voting machines and the cyber threats that may hinder the democracy of a county as voting machines fall victim to cyber attacks.